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» Associate company of Tata Steel since 1982. Subsidiary since 2012.
» Accredited with ISO-9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.
» Total production capacity of 390,000 TPA from 3 kilns. Self sufficient in power with own captive power plants - producing 26 MW of power from 2 power plants.
» Follows sustainable growth through product leadership.
» Assurance of a consistent product quality coupled with the Tata brand name has won customer trust.
» The first company in the DRI industry and among Tata companies to earn CDM benefits.
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Top-notch credentials, cutting-edge capabilities, an unwavering commitment to quality & environment and high ethical standards — these are the key characteristics that have enabled Tata Sponge to create a niche among DRI units in India.

Tata Sponge, which has its manufacturing facility at Bilaipada (in Joda Block of Keonjhar District in Orissa), was initially set up as a joint venture company between Tata Steel and the Industrial Promotion and Investment Corporation of Orissa Limited (IPICOL), in the name of as Ipitata Sponge Iron Limited. It has moved on since, becoming an associate company of Tata Steel following the former’s acquisition of IPICOL’s stake in 1991. The name of the Company has been changed to Tata Sponge Iron Limited w.e.f 24th September, 1996. Subsequently, w.e.f. 28th August, 2012, Tata Sponge Iron Limited became the subsidiary of Tata Steel Limited.

In order to streamline the entire process of management system certification and reduce paperwork primarily through duplication, eliminate conflicting responsibility & relationships and harmonise & optimise practices, progressive companies have been adopting the concept of Integrated Management System (IMS) which is a merged system standard comprising ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 specification in order.  Tata Sponge has also taken a step towards implementing IMS which is in steady progress and the certification is expected to be recommended shortly.  From the company's side, the COO (Sponge Business) is the Management Representative & Top Management Appointee for ISO9001, ISO14001 & OHSAS-18001 system.






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